Personal travel assistant in Cambodia


Accompanying person for your stay in Cambodia

I have been living in Cambodia since 2010, have created two guest-houses and have welcomed many travellers.
My experiences revealed to me the richness and subtleties of this country and its inhabitants, and then allowed me to understand the desires and needs of visitors curious to discover this people so friendly and atypical.

Famous thanks to the fame of the Angkor temples, Cambodia was, a thousand years ago, an immense empire that occupied most of the peninsula of Southeast Asia. An impressive quantity of ruins and cultural treasures often forgotten by locals and ignored by tourists are scattered all over its territory.

This is not a rigid organized trip to which I invite you but the sharing of my love for this country.
My itineraries are flexible and adaptable...

I speak Cambodian, Vietnamese and English...

I propose, you're free to go.
I am at your service.


Guide - guide for your stay in Cambodia

Travel with driver guide taxi Cambodia
Travel with driver guide taxi Cambodia Travel with driver guide taxi Cambodia

I work with experimental Cambodian drivers.

I'll accompany you all over Cambodia

I will guide you during your stay, driving you from one place of interest to another on Cambodian roads with sometimes astonishing traffic rules.

I will serve as an interpreter when situations require it, guide you in your negotiations (Visas, shopping...), direct you to hotels and restaurants of the style that suits you (when possible).

Without certainly having answers to all your questions, I will provide you with information and anecdotes that will familiarize you with ancient and present Khmer culture, both rural and urban.

Travel with driver guide taxi Cambodia

Cambodia is a simple country without danger

Travel with driver guide taxi Cambodia

It is easy to travel instinctively if you are well accompanied.

My concept is to adapt to the inspiration of each traveler so that he enjoys the best possible stay. This gives us "super freedom". A minimum of improvisation allows you to experience inaccessible adventures in overly planned circuits. Surprises are often the best memories .

In addition, it is easy to book rooms and services a few days in advance, almost on request. I repeat it is an easy and welcoming country.
I am the intermediary who will make you rub shoulders with the unexpected.


Cambodia's many attractions

Travel with driver guide taxi Cambodia

From the temples for which Cambodia is world-famous, to the floating villages of the Tonle Sap Lake, from the coastal restaurants where local blue crabs are served, to the meanders of the Mekong River, home to thriving endemic species such as the Irrawaddy dolphin (or Mekong dolphins), the attractions and tours are varied and many.

You can actually compose your trip according to your interests.
However, it is necessary to take into account the variable travelling times according to the axes, the climatic conditions (dry or rainy season), the calendar of religious holidays and the current events.

Cambodia remains nevertheless a very serene country, lulled by the tolerant protection of Buddha. Human relations are very natural and respectful.
The most elementary politeness being to address a smile when we meet a glance, this country is called "Land of the Smile". Stress is not a common or recurring emotion in this oriental society organized around different rules.

Rediscover the simplicity of human relations, of ethnic groups that have for the moment escaped the steamroller of world standardization, rediscover the feeling of being part of this human family where fraternity still exists without resorting to confrontation expressed through sterile power relationships.

Don't wait any longer to visit Cambodia

My knowledge of the country, my flexibility and adaptability will give you access to an almost instinctive stay conceived as an organized improvisation. Embellished by the astonishment of the unexpected and the pleasure of discovery, you will travel in a lively and secure context. Whether for historical, geographical or ethnographic interests, Cambodia is a treasure island, a veritable Ali Baba's cave! It is a country to visit quickly, a poor country among the poor. It shows a very fast evolution, attracts many investors if not invaders and this original and rare culture threatens to be drowned by the flood of profit.

It is one of the last jewels of our small planet where the link between humans is still palpable and solid, where people live in reality for better and for worse, but where love has not been replaced by technology!

It is this miracle, this wonderfully preserved precarious balance that places this country among the last preserved paradises.